Maurizio Sarri says he wants Fabregas to stay

Sarri recently discussed his stance on Cesc Fabregas’ stay in Chelsea. He confessed he would love the midfielder to remain at Stamford Bridge even though he had been limited to playing in only five English Premier League matches this season.

Sarri said Cesc is a unique player and he would rather have him stay since they had limited options in his role. He was quoted to have said, “In this position, we have only two players; Jorginho and Fabregas. So for me, it would really be a problem without Cesc. I want him to stay, I know the final decision is with Cesc and the club of course. But for me it’s very important he stays. If Cesc will go, I think we will need to buy another player, and that would not be easy because technically, Cesc is a very important player. And I think that in the (transfer) market it’s very difficult to find a player with his qualities.” Fabregas has been linked to AC Milan, but it seems the Italian club will step back.

The Chelsea coach confessed that irrespective of the club’s and Cesc’s decision, his choice would always be for Fabregas to stay as finding a player with his qualities in the market would be really difficult. He later vowed to respect Chelsea’s stand and decision concerning the limit placed on players’ who are over the age of thirty’s contracts.
Maurizio Sarri also shared his thoughts about the ongoing English Premier League. He confessed that though he relishes the fantastic schedule, he finds it slightly difficult to play matches every three days.

When asked about the Blanket policy, Sarri said; “Oh, it depends. It depends on the single situation I think. It’s a rule and so we have to respect that. As you know very well the big problem is the duration of the new contracts. Because, as you know, over 30 years, the club offers only one year to renew. And for a player of 31, it’s a big problem to sign a new contract for only one year. So the problem is only this.”

Turns out Cesc may not actually have a choice in whether or not he’d be staying.