Finances Are Not Reason for German Struggles, Claims Former Bayern Munich Man

Former Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer claims that the Bundesliga is no longer at the same level as some of the top European leagues. German clubs have been disappointing in the European competitions this season. Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and Bayern Munich have managed just one win in the six Champions League matches combined. As a result, German football is in danger of losing further rank in the UEFA coefficient, which would be the determining the number of Champions League for a division.
Apart from the lack of impact in the Champions League, German football has also struggled with the same impact in the Europa League with the likes of Koln, Hertha Berlin, and Hoffenheim losing five out of the six matches in the group stages. Sammer left his role as the sporting director at Bayern back in July 2016. He has refused to say that the downturn in performances from the German teams is not down to finances. Sammer has pointed out to the losses against teams with much lower financial resources – especially in the Europa League.
It is certainly difficult to explain the poor performances of all German teams at once. Bayern Munich recently parted company with manager Carlo Ancelotti owing to the poor run, and the Italian lost his job after the 3-0 loss against Paris St Germain. The teams in the Champions League have been placed in much tougher groups, as they have been paired up against the likes of PSG and Tottenham. Yet, it is simply not an excuse for the poor start made by the German teams.