Barcelona Could Play in the Premier League, Claims Club President

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has confirmed that the club are indeed looking at the possibility of joining up with the Premier League if Catalonia are separated from Spain. A referendum to mark Catalonia’s independence has resulted in a lot of violence and Barcelona were forced to play behind closed doors in the 3-0 win against Las Palmas at the Camp Nou. This was followed by severe criticism for the club, who decided to skip training until matters are resolved. A number of Barcelona players have come out in support of the referendum, as they are largely Catalan based.
Former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has also supported the referendum. All the backings have significantly opened up the possibility of a Catalan independence, which would show a major doubt into the presence of Barcelona in La Liga. Bartomeu, though, has opened the door towards the possibility of Barcelona joining up in other major leagues in the world – precisely the Premier League. In the recent times, the Premier League has been open to the possibility of welcoming Scottish clubs like Rangers and Celtic to the division. Yet, the prospect of Barcelona being included in the same league as the English clubs will be a completely new concept.
Espanyol, Girona, and Barcelona are three clubs strongly expected to leave the La Liga if Catalonia get their independence. Bartomeu has referred to the presence of Monaco in the French league and the presence of several Welsh teams in the English league. He does not see the need to prevent teams from joining a league on the basis of the country.